Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Ninth World Chronicles Episode 10: Misinformation or The Feint Faint

The travelers confront a man about some shoddy merchandise, encounter a grey man, and spread misinformation in the home of a grieving widow.  All in the name of Justice of course.

Misinformation or The Feint Faint

We lose Jess Hall as a player this week, sad to say.  Let this be a lesson to all.  Promotion just means less free time.  Thanks for 9 Great Episodes Jess.

Fear not listeners I have a new player rearing to go.  However he won't be joining the fray until it makes sense of him too.  So it may be a few episodes yet.



  1. There is a good instinct for storytelling here on both the part of the players and the GM. Your Ninth world feels like a complete world with history and culture, with motivations and background that make sense.

    The GM has a good sense of timing and pacing, and the players sound like the understand their characters.

    Some work on presentation and sound quality might be in order. Disfluencies like um and uh are pervasive to the point of being distracting, and some of the voices, particularly that of the GM, may not be entirely suited to podcasting. This is doubtless a thoroughly enjoyable game, but I'm afraid I cannot enjoy it as a podcast.

    These problems can be overcome with practice and conscientious effort (or simply time, many people's voices change after puberty, and almost always for the better), and if this is done this group could put out truly excellent work. I look forward to that day.

  2. I suppose you'll have to keep listening then. I for one, have been listening regularly and found the story fun and interesting. Since I imagine my own role playing companions are not professional voice actors I imagine many of their voices are equally "unsuitable for podcasting" yet it does not prevent me from garnering enjoyment out of hearing them. For me, the story is what makes this fun. The guys sound like people I would like to play with and therefore, I identify with them...imperfections and all. While I don't disagree with your observations, I'm willing to overlook them and watch the process.

    So...If you are not a pedant...and you are ready to hang out with some fellow gamers who are telling a well thought out and interesting tale...I say listen on!